Company Info

We are problem water solvers.

Our Mission

To provide the best information, services and products to our clients, so they may make a sound decision on knowing what is right for their situation the first time. FLOW represents Quality, Integrity and Trust.

Flow Water Solutions is a moderately sized establishement that is capable of handling and servicing a wide range of water treatment products from small scale home to large scale commercial installations.

We pride ourselves on the proven fact that Flow Water Solutions is a “Water Treatment Company” and definitely not a “Numbers Company” like so many. As you well know ‘the larger the company – the less personal contact with the customer’ – that will not happen at Flow Water Solutions.

Our Goals:

  • To operate better and work better towards service & customer satisfaction.
  • To supply our customers with the best products on the market – while still keeping in mind what the customer really needs and really wants.
  • To communicate with the customer – see what the customer is all about – treat the customer as ‘more’ than just a customer.
  • To give the customer safe water to their home or business – satisfy each and every customer’s needs as we want the customer to talk about how we helped them – as word of mouth is a fantastic way to advertise.

Flow Water Solutions goes by the rules and the regulations as our service personnel are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.) as well technicians and we are members in good standing of the Ontario Ground Water Association (O.G.W.A.).

Look at Who We Are:
Flow Water Solutions has a team of such Qualification that we are well known to be the ones out in the field to think ‘outside the box’, we think on our feet, we hit the ground running, we trouble shoot and correctly address and fix the majority of the units out in the field, and we come out with the real and sensible solution to each and every job site.

Flow Water Solutions is a company that simply provides reasonable and safe solutions to real problems with your water.

Flow Water Solutions will not treat any customer like a Guiney Pig; we refuse to experiment on the customer to see what will fix the problem, at the customer’s expense.

Flow Water Solutions has, and still is, building a great relationship with our customers and our suppliers.We will only deal with the manufacturers and suppliers that will stand behind their products as we stand behind our customers.

Each and every customer is equally as important to us as the other. Large or small – each and every customer is treated EQUAL and on the same level of importance.

Flow Water Solutions has some great comrades in the water industry so please look at our ‘Resources’ section on this website.

We are problem water solvers.